Photo Envelope Liners

Envelope liner staged smaller.jpg
Envelope liner staged smaller.jpg

Photo Envelope Liners

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Use your favorite photo or one of my designs and I will place it in the envelope prior to mailing out your order.  Please note the shape of the envelope when choosing your photo.  A 5x7 rectangular photo works best as opposed to a square Instagram photo.  Cropping the photo into a circle is also an option that I will gladly do for you! 

*Please note these liners do come with the envelope,  but not the stamp unless this is an add-on for a card order. 

** If purchasing the envelope liner(s) as an add-on for your card order(s), I will refund your shipping costs. 

FAQ: Since this is one of my most popular items,  I have decided to post some of the questions and answers from my customers in a hope that they will help you too!

Q: Why is shipping so high? Unfortunately, this is the only way around the ETSY shipping system.  Your exact costs will be calculated based on quantity and weight and the remainder (if any) refunded to you.

Q: Do you sell the liners without the envelope? A: Yes I do. It can be a bit tricky designing a liner for an envelope not in my possession, but it can be done.  However,  I have to rely on your eye as to whether or not it fits.
I will send you a digital sample that you will need to cut out and adhere to your envelope to see if it fits.  However,  the ones I send you will be pre-cut.

Q: Why are your envelope liners perforated at the fold?  A: The perforation allows the liner to fold with the envelope instead buckling against it. If this bothers you,  I can always leave it off.

Q: Do you do photo alterations? A: Yes, I would be more than happy to alter your photo to remove any blemishes, make it black and white, brighten it or the like.  Just ask! 😊

Q: What envelope colors can I use?  A: I keep a white,  Euro flap envelope on hand. However,  I can order any color you wish at no additional costs.

Q: What are the liners printed on?  A: The liners are printed on high quality 22lb paper.  The reason I use a lighter paper than card stock, is to avoid weighing down or bulking up the envelope which could end up costing you more money in postage.  

Q: How do you attach them?  A: I adhere them using a spray glue so that there are no raised bumps from glue dots or double sided tape. 

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