Envelope Liners

 My envelope liners are a beautiful way to express your individuality and make your gift or event unique and special.  My photo papers, in matte or gloss, deliver a beautiful photo and you can always get extra creative by adding text.  However, the best liners start with the best photos.  Photos should be 2000 x 3000 pixels or larger and taken with a camera.  Photos taken on a phone, especially as a selfie, typically are not large enough to produce a clear image for the liner. After you purchase your liners, you can email the photo to me at info@flipside-design.com.  Please allow extra time for projects that involve multiple photos, large quantities or photoshop work.  Please look at the examples below to give you an idea and better understanding of how your photos relate to the liners.


Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Envelope

Use a photo with lots of extra background. Photoshopping additional background is available, but not always possible. In the following example, I was able to add background to the top and side of the image to allow the image to fit proportionately. However, if I can’t add background, then the photo must be enlarged to fit the liner. This can result in having part of the subject cut out of the photo or final photo being grainy if the original photo is not large enough.

MD Blog 4.png

However, when we start with a large image that has a significant amount of background, we have options as to where on the liner we want the subject to be and how cropped we want the final image.

Examples for Beautiful Photo Liners

Photoshop Services

For an additional fee, I can also Photoshop your liner to fit your needs. Removing items from the background, converting to black and white or sepia, whitening teeth, and removing blemishes are all possible examples.

Photoshop examples for envelope liners


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