The Halloween Witch game is a fun, healthy way to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer without the constant fights over candy for the next month.  My family has been playing it for 8 years and have always enjoyed it.  Due to the requests from my son's friends, I have posted the rules here so that other kids can play too! I hope your family enjoys it as much as ours has.  Happy Halloween!
Halloween Witch Family Game

The Halloween Witch Game is on!  Don't know what is it? Here's the story:

Way up high, in the black night sky, there’s a witch on her broom, and she’s headed to your room...  It must be Halloween Night!

Please don’t be alarmed! She means you no harm!
Her skin is not green, and No, she’s not mean. She's really very very nice.

But the rumors are true, that she knows what to do, with a wand and broom as she flies past your room to collect all the candy she can.

What does she do with all of that gum? All of that candy, the chocolate, the yum! Does she eat it all herself? Or feed it to Santa’s Elf? Or boil it in a Lizard Eyed stew?

Maybe she builds a building tall. REESES chairs and chocolate bar walls. Twizzlers for doors, Kit Kats for tops, windows made of jolly ranchers and door knobs from gum drops. To make a house for Hazel and Gretel.

Or maybe all this candy she needs, because at home she has to feed, her flock of dragons young and old that sit and beg and chase when told. Now wouldn’t that be funny?

Or better yet, I've got it now! She saves all the chocolate for her cow, so that when its time to milk Miss Loco, she can instantly have a cup of hot coco. With marshmallows and whipped creme of course.

What ever the reason, I do not know, but this you can trust me to tell you so. If you give her your candy without shedding a tear she will take it with glee, not causing you fear and leave you something else instead.

She will leave you a present, a gift or some money, like a big yellow truck or a clown that’s quite funny! You won’t hear her coming or see her leave, but when you awake, you will surely believe!

It must be Halloween Night!

Wanna Play?  Here's How!

 Step 1: Days or weeks in advance, create an amazing costume!

 Step 2: Scour the available houses in your area for the most possible candy accumulation.  Take note of houses that are too scary!

 Step 3: Go Trick or Treating! Have a blast and grab all the candy you can!

Step 4: After your completely awesome night, eat as much candy as your parents will let you!

Step 5: Brush your teeth better than you have ever brushed them before!  Get ALL of that sugar out!

 Step 6: Put aside a few of your favorite pieces to eat as dessert for the next week or two.  Then take the remaining candy and place it in a bag and leave it outside your bedroom door.  

 Step 7: During the night, the Halloween Witch will come and take away your candy and leave you something else fun instead!

But what does the Halloween Witch do with all of that candy? I really have no idea.  However, I do hope she donates it to our troops.  They deserve it!

Want to print out the poem or grab some free (or super cheap) game pieces?